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Lime Sabayon

This fluffy dessert must be made then served immediately; the mixture will separate on standing. Serve with bought biscuits, Almond Tuiles or Cat’s Tongues. Sauterne is a dessert wine. This recipe is not suitable to freeze or microwave.

Image of Lime Sabayon

6 egg yolks
¼ cup castor sugar
2 tablespoons sauterne
¼ cup water
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon brandy


Serves: 6


1.Combine egg yolks, sugar, sauterne, water and lime juice in the top of double saucepan or bowl, place over simmering water; whisk constantly (or beat with rotary beater or electric mixer) for about 10 minutes or until mixture thickens.

2.Remove from heat, whisk in brandy. Pour into serving glasses. Serve immediately.

•Do not have the water in the bottom saucepan touching the base of the top saucepan or bowl.

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