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Charlotte Mexicaine


2 oz coffee beans
1 pint milk
6 oz block chocolate
5 egg yolks
2 oz granulated sugar
oz gelatine (dissolved in 2 fl oz water)
7 fl oz double cream
1 egg white

For decoration

Langues de chats biscuits
- pint double cream
Squares, or rounds, of chocolate (optional)

7-8 inch diameter cake tin (oiled)


Infuse coffee beans in the milk for 10-12 minutes over gentle heat without boiling. Cut up chocolate, put into a pan and strain on a little of the coffee­flavoured milk. Dissolve choco­late over gentle heat, strain on rest of milk and blend well.

Work the egg yolks and sugar well together, pour on the milk and chocolate mixture, stir to blend and return to the pan. Stir until the custard will coat the back of the spoon but do not allow it to boil; strain and leave it to cool.

Add gelatine liquid to custard, turn it into a thin pan; set this in a bowl of cold water or on ice. When it is on the point of setting, partially whip the cream, whisk egg white, add it to cream, then fold both into the chocolate. Turn this into the prepared tin and leave to set.

Turn out charlotte. Lightly whip remaining cream and spread a little over sides of charlotte; press on biscuits, slightly overlapping. Decorate top with cream and chocolate.

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