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1 portion, calories: 500

Image of Moustalevria

7 glasses of wine must already prepared
1 glass of fine semolina
Crushed walnuts and almonds


Use ready-prepared boiled must. (If the wine residue is not prepared, you will need, for a small amount of residue, 1 tablespoon­ful of wood ash. Yes, ash. Put it in a pan and boil with the ash, then strain it through a fine filter to clean. You will have to continue the boiling if it hasn't sweetened enough).

Put the 7 glasses of must in a saucepan to boil and add the semolina, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. When this starts to thicken, it is ready to be served in a little bowls or on plates, sprinkled liberally with the walnuts, almonds and cin­namon.

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