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Bresaola with Robiola Cheese and White Truffle Oil


16 paper-thin slices of bresaola
6 oz/170 g Robiola di Roccaverano Pura Capra or other fresh Robiola cheese
A small amount of certified organic white truffle oil*
Fresh oregano sprigs, for garnish
Breadsticks or crostini, for serving

*Certified organic truffle oil is made without chemical additives, which unfortunately cannot be said of the glut of truffle oils on the market. The price of a better quality infused truffle oil should not be too intimidating, as it is still a far cry from spending the money that fresh truffles demand.


Makes: 16


Lay the slices of bresaola out on a work surface and divide the Robiola evenly among them, placing the cheese on one end of the slice. Starting with the cheese side, roll the bresaola over on itself to form a roll, leaving a small "tongue" sticking out at the end. Anoint each roll with a single drop of truffle oil, no more, as the flavour will overpower the others at work. Arrange the rolls on a platter with a few sprigs of fresh oregano and serve immediately with breadsticks.

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