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( Gourounˇpoulo Sti So˙vla )

Roast Sucking Pig
( Gourounˇpoulo Sti So˙vla )

A Christmas Dish.

Image of Roast Sucking Pig<br/>( Gourounˇpoulo Sti So˙vla )

1 small piglet
Salt, pepper
1 cup of oil
2 lemons


Remove all bristles from the piglet and wash it well. Pass the spit through the pig, holding it by its backbone, which should be parallel with the spit. Rub the pig all over inside and out with lemon juice. Salt and pepper it well. Tie the legs to the spit and sew up the stomach cavity (all the innards will previously have been removed) with needle and thread. Allow the spitted pig to stand for 1-2 hours to dry out. Light a charcoal fire and once it has burnt down, put the spit into position and spit roast the pig, turning it very frequently so that it cooks evenly on all sides. From time to time, give it a good sprinkling of oil and lemon juice to make the skin crisp.

1 portion, calories: 390.
Cooking time 3 hours.

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